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Cache Me If You Can! The Geocaching Card Game - Cache Crate Edition!

It's fast, fun, easy to learn. Based on the geocaching board game, the card game is more portable and easier to take with you while you're camping or out on the trail! This set includes a special Cache Crate Card :)

Flip cards off the top of the deck until you bust, collect equipment or collect caches. How far will you press your luck?

In this 2 to 4 player game, players will take turns pressing their luck to collect as many points as possible. In order to take caches, you will need to have a coordinate card. Specialty caches will require specific equipment.

Players will flip cards until -

  1. Two Hazard cards appear (or the Bear)
  2. An Equipment Card is taken
  3. Caches are Collected

Unless the player busted, the cards that were not taken remain in play. The next player may choose to play off of those cards or discard them to start fresh.

And... that's pretty much it. Some cards will make exceptions to the base rules but that's explained on the cards.

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