About Us

At Cache Advance our mission is: To inspire and equip geocachers for fun and adventure!

We also highly value the environment and strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible at Cache Advance, and ensure that we always tread lightly!

How We Started:
Lisa B. is the President and CEO of Cache Advance. She is also known as Lookout Lisa. Lisa has been geocaching since 2002, with over 180 hides and now over 12k finds. She is past president (2 years) of the Inland Empire Chapter of the Washington State Geocaching Association (WSGA).

Lisa created and designed Dr. B's Cache Repair Kits in 2005 as a fun project to fill up her spare time (when she's not out caching!) and to help promote responsible caching. Lisa had so much fun with the Repair Kits, that she designed Dr. B's Newbie Kits, and Dr. B's Canine Repair Kits too! 

Cache Advance is the oldest active geocaching business in the US, other than Geocaching HQ!

And that is just the beginning...

Today Cache Advance offers a well rounded selection of geocaching gear. Hiders, finders, trackable collectors all find what they are seeking here!

Our warehouse is located in Spokane, WA, USA. Here we design, create and assemble geocaching gear, pack and ship our monthly geocaching subscription boxes (Cache Crates, Cachekinz Club and Hero Crates), our monthly Geocaching Tee Shirt Club and fulfill retail and wholesale orders.