Mappy Hour

Happy Hour for those of us who love maps;

Also known as geocachers!

Completely Searchable
All Mappy Hour recordings are transcribed and searchable by spoken word!
Captions Are Included
You can toggle the real-time captions on or off.
New Mappy Hours Added Weekely
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Dozens of Topics
Each week we feature a new geoaching topic.

Mappy Hour is a Happy Hour for those who love maps

done   Started in March 2020 in response to the pandemic
done   New geocaching topics each week
done   Like a weekly international geocaching event!

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Is Mappy Hour OK for kids?


We insist on family friendly language at all times. It is a 'happy hour' sort of theme, so there may be reference to spirited drinks.

What is discussed during Mappy Hour?

We have a wide range of geocaching topics, focusing on one topic per week. We also welcome any geocaching related questions from the group to the group.

To date we've covered:

First Mappy Hour -Introduction

Pandemic Check In

New Cachers Due to Covid

Refreshing The Game Board

Open Mic Q&A

Open Mic - LABs and Community Celebrations

How Geocoins Are Made

Geocaching Apps, Programs and Tech

What's In Your Caching Bag?

Your Favorite Geocache

How You Got Your Geocaching Name


Personal Signature Items

Hiding Caches



How You Started Geocaching

Your Favorite Geocache and Why

FTFs - First To Finds

Muggle Encounters

Law Enforcement Encounters

Meeting Other Geocachers

Geocaching Bucket List

Online Tools and Apps

Open Mic Night

TOTTs - Tools Of The Trade

GeoTours and GeoTrails

Geocaching Stats

Power Trails

Hazards Encountered While Caching

Cache Maintenance

Favorite Cache Types

Open Mic Night From Montana

Bad Weather Caching

Strange Things Found While Geocaching

Is there a fee?

No, Mappy Hour is completely free!

We offer this as a public service to help geocachers connect, learn and share geocaching stories on a weekly basis.